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Your Messiah Properties Committee can be reached via email at

Your Messiah Lutheran Church Properties Board is looking for ADVISORS and Board members.  Do you have interest or experience in Plumbing?  Are you excited by Gutters?  Do you enjoy Electrical and Lighting issues?  Perhaps Heating and Cooling is your passion?  Please consider serving as an ADVISOR for the Properties Board.  An ADVISOR does not necessarily complete the work (although that would be great!) but can be a source of information on what work needs to be done and how best to accomplish the work properly and in a timely and cost-effective manner.  If you are interested please see Susan Wollman or email


The table below lists some small projects that may be suitable for a family or one or two individuals to complete.  Please let Susan know if you are planning one of these projects and if you need any materials to complete the project.


Project Scope Complete by  _____ Thanks to _____
Cement Crack fill crack in new sidewalk by front door with self-leveling cement filler (already purchased) June 30, 2018
Iris Removal/Relocation Our irises overfloweth!  Please rehome some (especially from the edge nearest the retaining wall) June 30, 2018
Nursery inspect all toys for safety and remove broken toys

thoroughly wash the washable toys

organize/store toys and books

July 30, 2018
 Curb paint front curb YELLOW along the entire front sidewalk

Special outdoor/parking lot paint has been purchased.

NO PARKING stencil has yet to be applied!

 June 15, 2018 Susan Wollman
Entrance beautification prune azaleas at entrance to property June 15, 2018
Playground Mulch redistribute mulch in playground area to have adequate protection around and under equipment August 1, 2018
Empty Outdoor Trash Cans one (under trees) will be easy — it has a bag

one (near parking lot) will be difficult — it does not have a bag AND it is FULL

please replace bags — 55 gallon drum liners in closet in large classroom

June 15, 2018 Susan Wollman
Spray paint exterior “Palm Sunday door” a test area was done earlier this month and spray paint is available along with cardboard for protection and painter’s tape ( in Fan Room) June 30, 2018
New poster for Germantown Help Your chance to be creative and artistic!  Please use a standard size posterboard so that it can be easily displayed in coat rack area. June 30, 2018
Patch holes in front steps cement patch or concrete repair material needed to fill in a few holes left by old handrails on front steps July 15, 2018
Weed flower bed in front of preschool/Sunday school door remove weeds and trim plants

apply mulch as needed

June 30, 2018
Install new mailbox and post Items will need to be purchased for you.  Please let Susan know when you would like to do this so that everything will be ready when you are. July 1, 2018




Handrail Project is complete!

The new handrails were successfully installed on 5/29!  These handrails are slightly smaller in size for a better grip and start one step higher for safety and ease of installation.  This project is currently funded by an internal transfer of funds that is to be repaid as congregational giving allows.  If you would like to contribute to this project, please indicate on your envelope that it is for the Properties/Handrail project.  The overall cost of this project was $4316.



Renovation of the Messiah Lutheran Church Sign  

A contractor has been selected and we have made the initial deposit to secure our contract.  The entire process (from final design to manufacture and installation) may take up to 8 weeks.  We are looking at completing this project in June/July 2018.  Thank you to all who have contributed to this project.  There will be some minor landscaping needed near the sign to make it more visible and attractive.  Are you interested?



Posted on: June 10th, 2018 by Susan Wollman

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