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Your Messiah Properties Committee can be reached via email at

Your Messiah Lutheran Church Properties Board is looking for ADVISORS and Board members.  Do you have interest or experience in Plumbing?  Are you excited by Gutters?  Do you enjoy Electrical and Lighting issues?  Perhaps Heating and Cooling is your passion?  Please consider serving as an ADVISOR for the Properties Board.  An ADVISOR does not necessarily complete the work (although that would be great!) but can be a source of information on what work needs to be done and how best to accomplish the work properly and in a timely and cost-effective manner.  If you are interested please see Susan Wollman or email


The table below lists some small projects that may be suitable for a family or one or two individuals to complete.  Please let Susan know if you are planning one of these projects and if you need any materials to complete the project.


Project Scope Complete by  _____ Thanks to _____
Cement Crack fill crack in new sidewalk by front door with self-leveling cement filler (already purchased and in the Fan Room) July 31, 2018 Ron Farhood
 Curb apply NO PARKING stencil to yellow curb — paint and stencil are available July 31, 2018
Playground Mulch redistribute mulch in playground area to have adequate protection around and under equipment August 15, 2018
Remove rust stains from front steps A special cleaner (located in the Fan Room) has been purchased for this task.  Please do NOT use bleach! August 15, 2018
New poster for Germantown Help Your chance to be creative and artistic!  Please use a standard size posterboard so that it can be easily displayed in coat rack area. August 31, 2018
Patch holes in front steps cement patch or concrete repair material needed to fill in a few holes left by old handrails on front steps August 31, 2018
Oil Exterior Door Frames apply coating of WD40 to exterior door frames for protection and glossiness September 30, 2018
Refurbish Chairs in Nursery

2 rocking chairs in the nursery are in need of restoration/refinishing/repair

1 child’s chair is in need of refinishing

This could be a great project for you to practice your refinishing skills on!

September 30, 2018
Clean rubber mats one below water fountain and one in ladies restroom on lower level

both sides need to be scrubbed and dry

August 31, 2018
small-ish tree removal a deciduous tree is growing in the middle of our pine tree at the edge of the parking lot

Can you rescue our pine tree?

September 30, 2018
Stain wooden steps in lower level restrooms two bare wood steps need a coat of the easy-to-apply brown stain (in the Fan room)

steps can be moved or taken outdoors for easier staining

August 31, 2018




Renovation of the Messiah Lutheran Church Sign  

The replacement sign is being installed August 16-17!   We can begin planning upgrades to the landscaping near the sign to make it more visible and attractive.  Are you interested? 


Removal of Sink in Mail Room

The Mail Room sink and cabinet have been removed.  A leak in the sink had remained undetected for some time and it has been non-functional for over a year.  This space will be used to house two large recycling bins — one for mixed paper (paper and cardboard) and one for co-mingled containers (glass, metal and plastic).  Reminder:  these bins are for recyclable items only and no food or drink should be placed in them.  



Painting in Stairway and Lower Level Restrooms 

Fresh paint has recently been added to the stairwell (including the handrails) leading to the lower level along with updated LED light fixtures.  The lower level restrooms also received a facelift — new paint, new mirrors and fresh caulk.  While paint is fairly inexpensive and has a big impact, the labor for painting these two hard-to-reach areas was more costly.  Please be kind to our newly painted walls!  With the high humidity in the summer months, it may take several weeks for our paint to fully cure.

Possible future work in the lower level restrooms includes replacing the hard-to-clean tile floor and upgrading the lighting.  



Updating of Nursery  

Painting and other projects are complete!  New shelving is in place to help us keep our nursery organized, safe and inviting. Some additional artwork is on the way!  Please be sure to supervise your children in the nursery and help them to keep the nursery in good order.  Thank you!



Replacement of Lower Level Smoke Detectors  

As mentioned at our last Voters’ Meeting, our smoke detectors on the lower level (nine in total) have been in need of replacement for some time due to the age.  This work was completed on Tuesday 7/24.  What a blessing that we are able to complete this project before the opening of the preschool in late August! 

Additional estimates have been obtained for expanding our system to the upper level ($6300) and adding third party monitoring ($1000 + phone lines and monthly service fees).



Posted on: August 16th, 2018 by Susan Wollman

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